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April 2012: New Music Video from Radio Cult

Radio Cult - Saturday Midnight Double Feature

Check out the new, campy music video from Radio Cult!  This song would be perfect for a low budget horror movie soundtrack!

Leia Gadow Scumbag Movies

February 2012: Leia Gadow Interview

Just added to the site is an interview with the multitalented Leia Gadow; the actress, screenwriter, promotions wiz behind ScUMBAG Movies such as Home Made Monster and Trantastic.

Leia gives us some insight into what it's like to exist in the world of quirky low-budget films, why it's sometimes better to work with your friends than professional movie people, and how it actually IS possible to shoot a scene that's too gross for even the filmmakers!   Plus, she sent us some awesome photos of herself in a Film Apocalypse T-Shirt!


January 11, 2011

1/11/11 is the long awaited release The Chainsaw Sally Show: Season One on DVD.  This set is being released by Troma Home Video, so you know it's got to be chocked full of campy fun.  
Go check it out...and since no one sent me a screener, 
let me know what you think!

 April 2010:  Sympathy FINALLY released on DVD!

Today, April 27, 2010, the film Sympathy is finally being released publicly on DVD!  I see a lot of independent films and I believe that Sympathy is one of the best independent films that I've ever seen.  Director / Producer Andrew Moorman started working on this film years ago and has put a ridiculous amount of time and energy into this release.  I hope that it receives the recognition that it deserves and becomes the cult-classic that many other reviewers have predicted!  Here's a link to the official website for the film:


July 2009:  The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

I had considered waiting until October to post the review of The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, but I just couldn't wait that long.  I only recently found out that this 1976 Halloween variety show featuring three lip-synched performances by the band KISS had been released on DVD.  It's awesomely bad and I love it!

April 2009:  Apocalyptic Women - Photo Galleries

NEW SECTION!  From actresses in independent films to models who are fans of the genre, Film Apocalypse proudly presents new photo galleries of the beautiful Apocalyptic Women; actresses and models posing in Film Apocalypse T-Shirts!


January 2009:  Michale Graves Interview

I recently had the pleasure of asking former Misfits singer Michale Graves about his new acoustic project, what it was like to work with George Romero and his involvement with raising awareness for The West Memphis Three!  Michale also discusses the story behind his new movie, Perkins 14!


January 2009:  Katie Russell Interview

Just added to the site is an interview with the up and coming scream queen Katie Russell of the films Stockholm Syndrome, House of Bedlam, and Chasing Darkness.

Katie gives us some insight into the world of low budget horror films, what it's like to put on vampire makeup and her involvement with the Pennsylvania film community.   Plus, she sent us some awesome photos of herself in a Film Apocalypse T-Shirt!

CD Review:
Radio Cult - Grooves From The Grave

With their latest CD, Grooves From The Grave, Radio Cult delivers an awesome album of classic metal and punk with sexy female vocals, excellent artwork by horror comic book artist D.W. Frydendall and one of the band's songs from a horror movie soundtrack.  

July 8, 2008:  April Burril Interview

Just added to the site is an interview with the awesomely adorable scream queen April Burril; star of the film Chainsaw Sally (click here to read the Film Apocalypse review of the movie)!

April discusses the making of Chainsaw Sally, how she came to work with Gunner Hansen (the original Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and her upcoming film 'The Good Sisters.'  Plus, she sent us some awesome photos of herself in a Film Apocalypse T-Shirt!

CD Review:
Calabrese - The Traveling Vampire Show

Calabrese is the world's greatest horror rock band.  When you combine awesome songs about zombies, ghosts and vampires with killer artwork which is undoubtedly some of the best in the genre you get a band who is definitely worth checking out!

Chainsaw Sally

Suzi Lorraine

Audra Lynn


WHAT: Con Nooga Convention  
Horror / Sci-Fi / Gaming / More
WHEN: FEBRUARY 22nd - 24th 2008 
WHERE: Chattanooga, Tennessee


GUESTS: April Burril (Chainsaw Sally), Daniel Taylor (Return of the Swamp Thing), Suzi Lorraine (She Demons of the Black Sun, Rise of the Ghosts, Music and Lyrics), Audra Lynn (Playboy Playmate), Felix Silla (Cousin Itt from the Addams Family, Buck Rogers, Demon Seed, Poltergeist, Planet of the Apes, Batman Returns, Return of the Jedi, E.T.)

VENDORS: HauntedWeb.com (Haunted House / movie props), Nightmare Gloves (authentic "Freddy" gloves), Graverobber Studios (Movie props), plus anime dealers, costume makers, video sellers, etc.

MOVIES to be screened: Chainsaw Sally, Return of Swamp Thing, She Demons of the Black Sun, The Deepening, Dork of the Rings, Scream Farm, Stupid Teenagers Must Die, Forever Dead, Thong Girl 3, The Cellar Door, House of Carnage

PANEL DISCUSSIONS on the following: Q+A after several of the film screenings, Independent Filmmaking and Distribution, Haunting FX on a Budget, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Writing, Practical On-Screen Effects, Prosthetic Maskmaking and Makeup, + more

November 30, 2007:  Caroline Pierce Interview

Just added to the site is an interview with the beautiful model / actress Caroline Pierce; star of the movies Slaughter Disc (click here to read the Film Apocalypse review), Mail Order Bride and Sustenance!

Caroline Pierce is a model and adult film actress who has appeared in numerous magazines and over 150 adult films. In 2005, she had the lead role in Slaughter Disc, a groundbreaking project that combined the genres of splatter movie and adult film. Since then, she has also appeared in the horror shorts Mail Order Bride and Sustenance.

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