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Carnal (2006)


Carnal is actually pretty damn good for an independent film.  It is very deserving of the numerous awards that it has won.  From the minute I opened the package and saw the DVD cover, I knew that this was on a higher level than most independently produced horror films.  They even sent me a couple of pens shaped like hypodermic needles with Carnal printed on the side.  That was a simple and cheap marketing stunt which grabbed my interest and sent this DVD to the front of the line.  The acting is believable.  The directing, the music and the locations all add to the professional quality of the movie.  People who can't watch movies without the gloss of major studios won't like the quality of the recording.  Also, the film has been dubbed into English which gives it a bit of a 1970's foreign film feel (the DVD gives you the option of watching it in Spanish or English, with our without subtitles), but other than that, this film is about as well made as any no budget film I've seen.

Writer / Director Fabian Forte has put together a good cast of actors and written a script with a wonderful flow.  The pacing is good.  With the exception of a few areas, there really aren't many spots where the film lags.  The story is about two students who take a break from a project to grab a bite to eat.  They meet a couple of cute women and decide to hook up with them.  Little to they know that the women are blood thirsty vampires who torture their victims and harvest their body parts for profit.  It may not be the most unique story ever told, but the script is actually quite a bit better than many big studio productions.

Another interesting marketing strategy these guys are trying it releasing the film online in sections for free.  I'm more of a DVD kind of guy, but for those who enjoy watching movies online, that's a cool way of presenting the film.  Click on the box cover above to check it out.  After watching Carnal, I would definitely be interested in seeing other work from Fabian Forte.

Gore-o-meter rating: 2.5 out of 5 (not the best gore, but there is some gore)

Skin-o-meter: 2 out of 5 (mostly just boobs but there are a couple of sex scenes )