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1. What makes Film Apocalypse different from other Film review websites?

Film Apocalypse reviews only low-budget and no-budget, independent films that are currently out on DVD (or will soon be out on DVD.)  There are lots of sites out there with information about movies released by major studios, but it's difficult to find out about the low-budget and no-budget films that you might want to see.  That's why Film Apocalypse is here!

2. So you review films.  What makes you so special?

Absolutely nothing.  I'm just a guy who watches a lot of movies.  My favorite movies are usually campy, low budget films.  When I try to look up reviews of movies before I buy them, the reviews are often nothing more than a couple of sentences telling me that the production isn't all that great.  I wanted to give people a place to look up movies that they would never hear of otherwise and I wanted to review them with the understanding that they didn't cost a million dollars to make.

3. What genres do you review?

My favorite movies are horror, action, thriller, etc.  I really love horror comedies too.  Over the last couple of years, I've also reviewed several regular comedies and a good number of artsy films.  Basically, I review a little bit of everything as long as it's an independent production, but the focus of the site is mainly on movies with Action, Blood and Babes.

4. I just finished my low budget masterpiece.  Will you review it?

If it's an independent movie currently (or soon to be) available on DVD, send it on over and I'll check it out.  Please drop me a note to let me know that it's coming so that I can keep an eye out for it!

5. I have a short film.  Do you review shorts or just feature length films?

Yes, I do review short films.  In fact, some of the best films that I've reviewed here have been shorts!

6. Did my movie arrive?  Have you watched it yet?  When will the review be up?

I've seen several review sites that seem to be bothered by these questions.  That's not how it is here at Film Apocalypse.  If you've sent a movie over, feel free to check in to find out if your movie arrived, if it has been watched, when the review will be posted, etc.  Sending a note is never a bother over here, so drop a line!

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