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The Hood Has Eyez (2007)

The Hood Has Eyez

In the press release for The Hood Has Eyez  there is mention of lighting and camera angles reminiscent of underground horror films of the past.  If you care about lighting and camera angles, this in not the film for you.  However, if you want to watch a seriously fucked up movie about rape and revenge, stop reading this review and go buy this movie right now!  To put it simply The Hood Has Eyes is all about gratuitous gore and sex.  Is it filmed well?  The filming isn't great, but it's watchable.  The camera work is good enough.  The editing is sufficient.  The audio is somewhat uneven and a bit distracting at times, but even the best movies in this genre have similar issues with the quality.  It's a no budget film and it looks like a no budget film, but hey, if you want some grandiose, big budget epic movie, go watch Lord of the Rings.  

What about the story?  Well, yeah, there's a story.  A shy schoolgirl is talked into skipping class by her friends.  While driving around in a bad part of town, they hit a girl with the car, freak out and get kidnapped by a couple of gangster dudes who decide to rape and kill the girls.  The shy girl goes psycho and starts violently killing everyone involved.  It's pretty much your basic rape - revenge plot: a shy, good girl goes psycho after being raped (similar to cult classics like I Spit on Your Grave, Gator Bait, etc.)  The difference here is that writer / director Terrence Williams has decided to make a movie with the most fucked up stuff he could think of and he can apparently think of some pretty fucked up stuff!  For most of the movie, it's things that you've seen before if you watch these kinds of movies, but there are a couple of scenes that I can honestly say were new gore that I have never witnessed before seeing this film.  I suspect that if you still have questions about this film, those questions would be answered best by the Gore-o-meter and the Skin-o-meter below.

Gore-o-meter rating: 5 out of 5 (Oh yeah, there is gore!  Skin crawling, cringing gore!)

Skin-o-meter: 4 out of 5 (There's a good bit of skin)